Friday, October 25, 2013


I must admit, I've never been into the whole ghosts and goblins thing.  I've never been anything scary for Halloween, though looking back on some of my costume choices, maybe I should of been.  (One year I was an "executive."  Oh yes, very exciting.)  I don't like scary movies.  And there is no way I can understand paying money to go into a theme park where people are hired to scare the living day-lights out of you!

But luckily for me, Halloween isn't just about being scary.  It brings something sweeter to the table. Oh yea, I'm talking about CANDY!  Oh my!  And the Halloween sugar rush is in a class all its own!

And there's always that one house in every neighborhood that is known for having the best candy every year.  At least that's how it was for me.  Every kid in my neighborhood made sure to stop by "The Mansion."  We all called it that because it was this huge house in the back of our neighborhood with a huge gate that was always closed, except for Halloween.  Very mysterious.  Your hike up the long windy driveway was rewarded with a King size candy bar of your choice.  Totally worth it :)  As a kid, it just doesn't get any better than that!

Now, I'm not aiming to be the best "candy" house on the street, though I would be fine with that.  Of course, I'll be prepared with plenty of gluten free candy, but I also wanted to make something homemade to pass out.  Something simple, but perfectly sweet.  So, I came up with my Homemade Chocolate Candy Pops.  

Melted chocolate with colorful candy all in a hand-held pop.  It's the perfect Halloween treat!  They're so easy to make!  They're great for hungry trick-or-treaters or even a great Halloween gift for co-workers and neighbors.  You can even make them in advance in anticipation of that Halloween candy rush.  I can't wait to hand them out!

Now, if I could just come up with a good costume...

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