My Story

photo courtesy Angela Sackett

Hi! I'm Lauren Marie and I'm gluten free.
I'm a writer//wife//mama//hungry foodie//beach lover//perpetual party planner.

I come from a big, loud Cuban family that is in each other's business as often as we are in each other's kitchens. For us, it's always been all about the food. Luckily I married Patrick who comes from a big, loud Cajun family who understands my preference of a nice steak dinner over a piece of jewelry, any day. 

I was in quite the predicament five years ago when I was hit with the words "you are gluten intolerant." The first party I hosted after that was a disaster. I was too scared to serve "normal people" gluten-free food, so I starved the whole night. There had to be a better way.

From that day on, I made it my goal to make dishes that would knock the socks off anyonegluten-free or otherwise. I started selling my own gluten-free baked goods around town and teaching gluten-free cooking classes in local health food stores. Before I knew it, I was hosting delicious, all gluten-free dinner parties and even getting food requests from my family.

I created my blog in 2011 so I could share some of my recipes and the stories that inspired them. I've decided that I'm not going to let my gluten intolerance stop me from enjoying the delicious things in life. 

When I'm not typing a blog post or recipe-testing, I'm hanging with my best pal Patrick (who's also my husband and best taste-tester), our sweet son, Dallas (who is already way cooler than me) and our crazy doggie BooRay. The four of us live in my hometown of Tampa, Florida.

Take a look around. Stay a while. I'm so glad you're here.

You should know...

- While cooking I like to listen to Frank Sinatra or 90's hip hop. Obviously very similar.
- I talk with my hands a lot and sometimes I knock things over.
- I secretly love the food stains that have accumulated on our wood dining table.
- Yes, I sing in the shower.
- No, I don't own a microwave. Stove-top popcorn anyone?
- I love to cut big sprigs from my rosemary bush and put them in jars all around the house.
- Biggest kitchen woe: washing vegetables.
- Biggest talent: making a mess in the kitchen.
- If I could eat gluten for one day, I'd eat toasted Cuban bread with butter all day long.

photo by Jason Angelini


  1. How much g f brown rice flour is needed in your pecan pie bar recipe?

    1. There's a ½ cup of brown rice flour in my pecan pie bars. I'm posting the recipe to my blog this week! If you have any more questions, feel free to email me :)