Wednesday, April 26, 2017

You there?

Oh good. I thought I lost you for a second there.

It's been a while I know. And I've missed you. I've missed this. So this is me starting again.

The past year and half has been amazing! And crazy. I mean who adopts a baby, buys a house, renovates it, and moves in during the holidays. We cray cray, y'all. But now that sweet "baby" is a year and a half (how did that happen???) and the house that was our "renovation project" feels like our home. Home. And that whole whirlwind year was absolutely worth every crazy moment.

So I want to take advantage of this brief moment of serenity to start blogging again before change comes, as it inevitably does.

Or before Dallas wakes up. That always happens too.

I am giving you fair warning though. You may notice a change in my writing. A change in my tone. Things may be a little messier. A little more casual. Because my kitchen is no longer just for testing recipes, it's the heart of our home. It's where I make my family's meals. It's where my friends and I get together to make chocolate bark for our best friend's baby shower. It's where my husband and I have our favorite kind of Friday night; eating a good home-cooked meal with a bottle of wine right on our kitchen island. It's where I bake cookies for a friend who's had a bad day. And it's where Dallas stands on his little white stool and helps me make pancakes every Saturday morning. And lets face it, sometimes you get pancake batter on the counter.

Or on the floor...

Sometimes in your hair...

So things are a little messier. A little more casual. But you know what?

I am just fine with that.

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