Wednesday, April 16, 2014

[Gluten-Free] Classic Deviled Eggs

My mom makes the most amazing deviled eggs.  They're so good that people literally start grabbing at them before she can even make it to the appetizer table.  And when they finally do get to the platter, don't diddle daddle.  They don't last long!  (You only make that mistake once)  But you know how my mom can be about recipes.  Remember the coconut bars recipe? Or the white rice incident?  Yup, my mom is a fabulous cook, but details?  Not so much.

She's famous for the "Oh honey, I don't know, I just add this or that."  If you want the recipe, you have to watch her make it.  And trust me, it's very entertaining because she'll say things like "now this is when you let the flavors get married." Am I  suppose to perform a wedding ceremony or something?  Got to love her!

But when spring came around,  I couldn't help myself.  I just had to have a recipe for deviled eggs!  So, this is my take on my mom's amazing deviled eggs.  They are so good and so classic.  And in fact, my blogging bud Angela (along with her daughter Anna) took these wonderful photos at our latest photo shoot.  Details about that coming soon! But until then, try this wonderful springtime recipe.  And remember, don't diddle daddle if you want your fair share :)

[Gluten-Free] Classic Deviled Eggs

Makes 24 deviled eggs

12 large or extra large eggs
3 tablespoons minced yellow onion (1/2 of a small onion)
3 tablespoons Vegenaise or gf mayonnaise (like Helmann's- click nutrition facts)
3 tablespoons dill relish, drained (I love McClure's DIll and Garlic Relish- chop it first)
1 tablespoon yellow mustard
1 teaspoon sugar
¼ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon black pepper
chopped pimientos, for garnish
chopped chives, for garnish

Place the eggs in a single layer in a large saucepan.  Fill with enough water until there is 1 inch of water above the eggs.  Bring to a boil over medium-high heat (this takes quite a few minutes).  Once the water is up to a boil, turn down heat to medium low and simmer,uncovered, for 10 minutes.  Then, carefully pour the hot water out and fill pot with cold water.  Then remove each egg and place in a large bowl filled with water and ice.  

Take each egg out of the ice water and then gently roll between your hand and the counter to crack the shell (like rolling a lemon).  If you're having a hard time, gently tap the egg on the counter first.  Then, peel off the shell.  Repeat until all eggs are peeled.

Slice each egg lengthwise.  Remove the yolks and place in a small bowl.  Set whites aside.  Add onion, Vegenaise, relish, mustard, sugar, salt, and pepper to the yolks.  Mix together until very smooth (a fork helps to break up the yolks).  Use a small spoon to fill the egg whites with the egg yolk mixture.  Top with pimientos and chives.  Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before serving.  Serve cold.

Lauren Marie’s Tips:
*You can make these up to 2 days in advance.  Just keep them covered in the fridge and garnish right before serving.  
*Egg shells are one of the worst things for your garbage disposal!  Here's what I do: I put a large bowl over my sink drain and when I peel the eggs under running water, the egg shells sink to the bottom of the bowl.  When I'm done, I just drain the water and throw the egg shells away (or keep them for your compost pile).  
*Trouble peeling?  Stick the egg back in the ice water for a couple seconds and try again.

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