Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gluten Free Thanksgiving: Cranberry Sauce

Love it or hate it- cranberry sauce is without a doubt a Thanksgiving staple.  When I was a kid I thought cranberry sauce only came in slices.  You know, open the can, lay it on a plate, and slice it up.  It's usually an afterthought.  And no wonder.  The turkey, ham, potatoes, and holiday casseroles are the main characters at Thanksgiving.  Cranberry sauce is just a member of the holiday ensemble.  But it can be so much more than that!

My mom and aunt are the Thanksgiving queens in my family.  They've got it down to a science at this point and it's always AMAZING.  I always bring a few dishes, but it's usually a fight.  They're the "Oh don't trouble yourself with anything, just enjoy yourself" type.

But for the past couple years I have been quietly placing my homemade cranberry sauce on the table.  I always feel like James Bond.  I wait until the backs are turned and then BOOM!  Homemade Cranberry Sauce sitting pretty right next to the turkey.  

It's not until the plates are being served that anyone even notices.  But then all of a sudden the "Wow, who made this sauce?" and "This sauce is fantastic!" start.  And then I just smile and glance at Patrick, who is always my partner in crime, because we both know Operation Cranberry Sauce is again a success :)

**LEFTOVER ALERT: Use leftover cranberry sauce in place of strawberry jam in my recipe for a tasty Breakfast Parfait (click here for the recipe).  It's perfect for an easy, no-cook, breakfast the next day!**

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