Monday, June 24, 2013

Gluten Free NYC (Part 2)

If you've read my last two posts, it's no secret that I am a big fan of the Big Apple.  And it's not just because of it's high energy and amazing shopping.  Instead, it's the emphasis of fresh and local food... all the mom and pop restaurants and cafes... the gourmet markets on every other corner selling the most beautiful produce.  

But most of all, it is the unbelievable amount of gluten free options that make it easy to fall in love with the city that never sleeps.  Speaking of gourmet markets...

Russ and Daughters was a must-stop for my mom, my sister, and me.  This amazing market is no bigger than a large hallway, but the supply of amazing quality food is astounding.  This New York institution was started in 1914 and has been run by four generations of the Russ family.

Here are my mom and sister anxiously waiting to be called on.  You see what I mean?  It's a big hallway with glass cases on either side.  There's everything from fish and caviar to homemade pickles and perfectly dried fruit.  I literally wanted to try EVERYTHING :)

While we waited for our number to be called, I spent my time gazing at the amazing array of food and wondering how they made everything look so pretty.  My sister, Erica, (who is an official NYU Law graduate now- yay Erica!) was calmly waiting.  She didn't need to look.  She didn't need to gaze.  Like a true New Yorker, she knew exactly what she wanted.  Erica told us that we couldn't stop by Russ and Daughters without grabbing some... wait for it... wait for it...

 Gluten... Free... Caramel... Coconut... Macaroons

Let's pause to take in the beauty.

This macaroon is jammed pack with flavor.  It is dense and rich and perfect.  There is an absurdly wonderful amount of coconut in the cookie along with the perfect amount of caramel drizzled directly on the toasted coconut top.  These are so worth trying if you are ever in the area.  And yes, we bought six of them.

The feeling of walking in to a place and being able to get a treat like this that is gluten free is simply wonderful.   But do you know what is even better????  Walking into a gluten free restaurant.  No, it's not a dream, it's Risotteria.

This is gluten free heaven.  
Gluten free pizza? check.  
Gluten free pasta and bread sticks? double check.  
Gluten free eclairs?  
Oh snap.  

And look at their drink menu!  The wine selection is fantastic and there are many gluten free beer options too! Oh, and there's no, "Excuse me, do you have a gluten free menu?" The gluten free menu is the menu.  

The food is beautiful and delicious.  Check out this appetizer: a calamari and white bean salad.  It was simply divine.  Oh yea, and did I mention that they give an unlimited amount of gluten free breadsticks?  


These wonderful places made my life so much tastier while visiting New York.  It's amazing how knowledgeable New Yorkers are about the gluten free lifestyle.  It was so nice being able to walk into a restaurant or cafe and know that I can eat something there. It's a feeling that I have come to appreciate.

So, thanks NYC :) I can't wait to see you again!

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  1. Awesome!!! Those macaroons look amazing! Glad you were able to dine without worry! :D