Monday, November 14, 2011

Bake Sale Big Success!

I was so thrilled after our bake sale at St. Tim's Holiday Boutique this past Saturday in Lutz! I was so touched by so many people who bought our baked goodies for someone they knew had either a gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. So many people knew about the gluten free lifestyle and if they didn't know all details, they were willing to learn about it and taste our yummy goodies!

But what really made me happy, was the smile on the little girl's face after her sample of our Chocolate Chip Cookie. And just for a moment, her smile quickly wiped away limtations created by her Celiac disease. Because nothing should get in the way of enjoying a good cookie!

I was also touched by one of our repeat customers of the day! Melanie was working another table at the Holiday Boutique, but took a quick break to stop by our booth. I could see the relief in her face when she saw all our goodies were gluten free! Being a vendor at a Holiday Boutique can make you quite hungry!! She loved our muffins... especially our Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins! I was so glad that she was able to avoid hunger with our yummy goodies.

Afterwards, she told me about her path to discovering her Celiac disease. Her mother had been diagnosed with Celiac disease later in life. Melanie didn't think a test for her was necessary, but went through with it, mostly just to appease her mother. And sure enough, she along with her 2 siblings all got diagnosed with Celiac disease. What a dramatic change that must have been for her whole family! But just like the little girl and the chocolate chip cookie, I could see the same smile on Melanie's face. And just for a moment, the impossible became possible in a chocolate chip muffin.

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