Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cool Cucumber Appetizer

I come from a family of pickers.  People who just can't wait until you sit down at the dinner table before stealing a piece of something.  And you know those people who dip their finger into the icing of a cake before you sing happy birthday?  We've got those too.  Yup, my family is full of pickers.

And everyone has their specialty.  My uncle Ross steals the tostones (fried green plantains), my mom steals the bread, my sister Erica and cousin Katie steal the icing on any cake, and my brother DJ steals the red onions on top of the salad.  Me?  I'm all about the cucumbers.  If there are cucumbers in the salad, chances are only half of them will be there by the time we all sit down for lunch.  

I decided to turn my love for cucumbers into a quick and easy appetizer that I can serve anytime, even on a weeknight.  How cute are my Cucumber Cups with Tomato Feta Salad?  This is the perfect summer appetizer that's easy enough to serve on a weeknight and elegant enough to serve at your next dinner party.  My favorite way to eat these is sitting on the porch with Patrick after a busy day with a glass of wine.  That's my reset button :)

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