Monday, February 18, 2013

Crunch Time

Lauren Marie’s Gluten Free
Salty or sweet?  Hmmm... I never knew how to answer that question. To me, the answer was never really that simple.  I mean who doesn't love a salty treat here and there.  I think perfectly salted popcorn is one of the best snacks ever discovered! But, don't get me wrong, I love a great sweet treat too.  Hello chocolate!

But I've never liked any of the extremes... too salty or too sweet. Yes, I would like to think I walk the fine line between slightly sweet and slightly salty... only occasionally taking a detour to taste what lies beyond.  So, you see, I just can't pick a side.  I love both.

But I have to tell you...      

There I said it.  I picked a favorite texture.  Whew, I feel so much better now that it is out in the open.  Don't get me wrong, I love the creaminess of a gorgeous flan, wonderfully churned ice cream or a sublime sauce.  But I think I like the crunch of something that is perfectly toasted or baked like a crisp cookie or a crunchy potato chip, just a bit more.

But you can't always reach for a chip or a cookie when a crunchy craving hits, right? So, I like to have a few recipes on hand to satisfy what I'm craving (crunchy) and what my body needs (healthy).  And that's why I love my Crispy Kale Chips.  They are very crunchy, really simple to make, and a fun way to eat your greens.

I like to serve them with an antipasto platter of cheese, dried fruits, olives, and sliced meat.  So good!

Get your crunch on!

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